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The Medusa Frequency

SA4QE 2013 - Thoughtcat - Rugby, United Kingdom

SA4QE day for me this year saw a mixture of feelings about a relationship. I hadn't planned on which quotations to use, but I did have to go out and meet someone that evening, and on the way out the door I grabbed The Medusa Frequency and a few sheets of yellow paper. Medusa was the first of Russ's books I read over 20 years ago and is still my favourite, and with its themes of love and loss and searching there was no better book to be revisiting given my personal circumstances.

The Medusa Frequency cover art by Frances Broomfield

In an exclusive interview for, Frances Broomfield tells us how the cover art for Russell Hoban's classic 1987 novel came about.

The Moment under The Moment (Collection, 1992)

The Moment under The Moment is a 1992 collection of short stories, essays and fragments. Contains some of Russell Hoban's most wonderful writing.

Russell Hoban's 1987 novel The Medusa Frequency has been released as an e-book for Kindle, bringing all of Hoban's adult novels to the device.

Chris Bell considers Russell Hoban's 1996 novel Fremder in relation to other works including Riddley Walker and Pilgermann.

The Medusa Frequency (Novel, 1987)

Frustrated author Herman Orff is trying to forget his lost love and find inspiration. A few wires-in-the-brain later, he becomes dogged by the severed head of Orpheus, which repeatedly insists on telling him its story, taking in the invention of music and creativity as well as the lost-and-foundness of Eurydice.


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