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The Sea-Thing Child

SA4QE 2015 - Alida Allison - Colorado, United States

My first quote for 2015 is from Hoban’s 1975 The Sea-Thing Child. The second quote is from the novel Pilgermann, published in 1983, set during the Crusades, and said by the Jewish Pilgermann to his Muslim friend Bembel Rudzuk near the end of the story.

The Sea-Thing Child (Children's book, 1972)

On a black and stormy night the sea-thing child is flung up on the beach, a little draggled heap of scales and feathers. Although made for deep diving and high flying, he is afraid of the ocean. When he meets a fiddler crab with no bow, these two help each other avoid their fears for a while. But the sea-thing child is growing, and he is restless until he finds his star, his courage and his ocean self.

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