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Riddley Walker

The Being Human Festival, a festival of humanities, is running a free Riddley Walker-themed walking tour of Canterbury on three dates in November.

The Folio Society have released a special limited edition of Russell Hoban's 1980 classic.

SA4QE 2017 - Ra McGuire - Los Cabos, Mexico

Russ’s naming day fell on a holiday for me so, although I live in White Rock BC Canada, my yellow paper was left in Los Cabos Mexico, at the Marriott resort where I’m staying.

The quote seemed appropriate considering the 2017 political winds.

Darrell Emmel, author of "Farring Seakert Sailor", argues that Russell Hoban's complex novel "Riddley Walker" raises many unanswered questions.

Ron Robinson introduces "Farring Seakert Sailor: Unriddling Riddley Walker", Darrell Emmel’s new 444-page reading of Russell Hoban's classic 1980 novel.


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