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The Slickman A4 Quotation Event has taken place every 4th February since 2002, in commemoration of Russell Hoban's birth in 1925. Each year on the day, readers from around the world share their favourite quotations from his books by leaving them in public places, invariably written on yellow A4 paper (the sort he used). Fans also post photos of their quotations on this site, and these are gathered under Which quotes will you share this year? (Photo quoting The Medusa Frequency by @withoutmyecho on Twitter)

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I have a Friend's card; I like the way they nod me through when I show it: I'm not a stranger.  I always feel good in museums.  I like the high ceilings and the acoustics, the footsteps and the voices, the silence over and under the footsteps and voices and the individual silences of each thing, all of them different, all of them holding a long-departed Now.


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Short article dated November 12, 1956 for Sports Illustrated accompanying some illustrations Russell Hoban did for the same issue (unfortunately not included) of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players. (Link fixed 28/6/14)
Russell Hoban talks to the Financial Times about the book that changed his life, the books on his bedside table, his writing methods and what it means to him to be a writer.
Short article from the Sports Illustrated vaults dated December 8, 1958, in which Russell Hoban submits "enthusiastic word impressions" to accompany a painting he did for the magazine of "the perfect basketball team". The painting itself does not seem to be included on the SI...
The second part of the wonderful lecture/Q&A Russell Hoban gave to SDSU in 1990. For full background details please see
Russell Hoban remembers his longtime friend, the children's writer Leon Garfield.
Will Self reads a passage from Riddley Walker during an "in conversation" event with Russell Hoban at the British Museum, London, 15 February 2011.
The magic of the puppet show, says Professor K.A. Laity, is its ability to transform the inanimate into animation, to turn movement into story, and to bring to life all manner of dreams and stories. Originally published in Puppetry International Magazine 19 (2006).
Stuart Kelly enthuses about The Mouse and His Child in the Guardian: "it is a profound little book – the equal, in some ways, to the Alice books."
Ghislaine Kenyon, Head of Learning at Somerset House, writes on her experience of Russell Hoban as a lecturer on art.
Extensive interview about several books. The link supplied is to the Google Books partial online version originally published by Methuen, 1985. Click on the "Russell Hoban" link off the contents page.