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The Slickman A4 Quotation Event (named after the fan who came up with the idea) has taken place every 4th February since 2002, in commemoration of Russell Hoban's birth in 1925. Each year on the day, readers from around the world share their favourite quotations from his books by leaving them in public places, invariably written on yellow A4 paper (the sort he used). Fans also share their selections on social media under the hashtag #sa4qe, while some are posted on this site. Above: bathroom mirror quote from Kleinzeit (1974) by Sam Meech

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A video posted by the Trouble Puppet theatre company on YouTube showing their approach to staging a puppet version of Riddley Walker. They establish the principal characters in "bunraku" style -- manipulated directly by visible puppeteers -- and do the puppets-within-the-story as hand...
Review from Frieze magazine of the 2005 fan convention held in London. Link fixed 25/7/17
Excerpt (pages 83-105, 220-21) from David Cowart, History and the Contemporary Novel (Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press, 1989). Copyright 1989 by the Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University. Reprinted at The Head of Orpheus by permission of the publisher.
IMDb page on the film version of Russell Hoban's 1975 novel, directed by John Irvin, with screenplay by Harold Pinter, starring Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley and Michael Gambon.
Brief news story on BBC website.
James Parker puts an eloquent case for making Riddley Walker into a film in this New York Times opinion piece.
It is perfectly possible to read and  enjoy Russell Hoban’s masterpiece Riddley Walker without solving or even being aware of the riddles woven into the story. You struggle with the language for a time until its phonetic nature becomes clear, and you congratulate yourself for having...
Writer Meg Sanders writes about how she discovered The Mouse and His Child, and looks at some of its themes and influences.
Robert Freeman contributes this piece about The Mouse and His Child to the Guardian's "Families in literature" series, emphasising the importance of family in the book.
Russell Hoban pays homage to Gislebertus, the 12th-century stone-carver whose work at Autun Cathedral in France inspired a section of The Bat Tattoo.


Selected Russell Hoban quotation

I exist, said the mirror.
What about me? said Kleinzeit.
Not my problem, said the mirror.