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The Slickman A4 Quotation Event (named after the fan who came up with the idea) has taken place every 4th February since 2002, in commemoration of Russell Hoban's birth in 1925. Each year on the day, readers from around the world share their favourite quotations from his books by leaving them in public places, invariably written on yellow A4 paper (the sort he used). Fans also share their selections on social media under the hashtag #sa4qe, while some are posted on this site. Above: bathroom mirror quote from Kleinzeit (1974) by Sam Meech

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Text of a talk given at a 1971 Exeter conference gathered in the journal "Children's Literature in Education" Volume 3, Number 3, November 1972. Access to subscribers only.
Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams writes an opinion piece for the New York Times considering the current state of the world in light of power and its meaning in Riddley Walker: "Unless we reimagine the power we seek for ourselves in terms of solidarity and compassion, our...
Russell Hoban talks to a large audience at San Diego University (SDSU) in October 1990 about his "children's writing" (which he says is all part of his "one writing"). He also reads from various children's books including Ponders, as well as an unpublished draft of The...
Captain Najork has never quite got over the time that Tom beat him and his Hired Sportsmen at womble, muck and sneedball, so when he sees Tom hurtle past his window in a two-seater jam-powered frog, he sets off in hot pursuit. The adventures that follow at a nearby girls' boarding school, involving...
Short piece in the UK Independent by Mick Jackson: "Hoban's book is a work of such colossal and devastating invention it makes other novels look weedy by comparison."
Description (adapted from Amazon): Russell Hoban's last published children's book begins with an ice-lolly stick. Its sweetness gone, it lies discarded and lonely ... until a little girl called Rosie comes along. She places it carefully in her cigar box, full of other sticks. "Without our ice-...
Russell Hoban's 1960 portrait of Montreal Canadiens' hockey hero Maurice Richard for Sports Illustrated magazine. This is also referred to in Chris Bell's essay "Russell Hoban the Illustrator" at A few years...
Documents a fan event whereby favourite Russell Hoban quotations are left in public places.
Short interview to promote Come Dance With Me. Quote: "It has been my aim to be as strange as I can be, and I've never been as strange as I'd like to be."
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Selected Russell Hoban quotation

“I’m not sure of anything right now,” I confessed. “I may be a figment of my own imagination.”

“But that’s all anyone is; it’s the human condition. We’re given a name at birth and photographs are taken.  We come to be known by name and face and from this we piece together an identity and fix it in memory. This identity is not physically part of us; a knock on the head can make it go away."