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SA4QE 2017 - Emmae - Oban, United Kingdom

Quotes on yellow gold A4 paper, I placed in local Waterstones bookshop, between the books in Fiction where RH should be, but isn’t, and also in the teens and younger readers’ shelves. Footnote included a thinly veiled hint to the management regarding the absence of the author’s titles, considering this worldwide, SA4QE effect.
Soon, I will call in to see whether the yellow papers are still there.

SA4QE 2017 - Chris Bell - Twitter/Facebook, New Zealand

I haven't 4Qated anything from Soonchild before, so it seemed to good year to change that. I chose the first good, 'complete' quote I could find by riffling through the pages of my copy, which seemed as good a method as any. I like this one and hope you do, too - if you haven't read Soonchild yet, perhaps this quotation will persuade you that 2017 is the year to do it.

SA4QE 2013 - K. A. Laity - Claverack / NY, United States

Posted in the third floor ladies room of Albertus Hall at the College of Saint Rose.

Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson, a singer/songwriter who provided editorial input into Russell Hoban's final novel, is travelling to the Soonchildesque wastes of Antarctica in February to perform songs about Captain Scott.

The Moment under The Moment (Collection, 1992)

The Moment under The Moment is a 1992 collection of short stories, essays and fragments. Contains some of Russell Hoban's most wonderful writing.

Russell Hoban's last full-length book Soonchild has been published in the United States by Candlewick.

Soonchild (Novel, 2012)

In this young-adult novel, shaman Sixteen-Face John lives in a cold, snowy region referred to as "The North" and fears he's losing his way in the modern world. His unborn daughter Soonchild refuses to emerge, and John embarks on an fantastic adventure to bring the missing "World Songs" back to her to entice her into the world.

Russell Hoban's posthumous "Soonchild" is among titles longlisted for this award.


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