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Message in a (Klein) Bottle

Exclusive to, bestselling "River of Ink" author Paul M.M. Cooper talks about the fascinating task of archiving Russell Hoban's manuscripts and letters.

Message in a (Klein) Bottle (Short story, 2012)

Ageing art historian Walter meets the beautiful Ondine, a "museum inhabitant", at the Klein bottle display at the Science Museum. She persuades him to take a surreal trip with her through the labyrinthine tubes of one of the bottles - and then disappears.

Russell Hoban's son Jake will read the posthumously-published Message in a (Klein) Bottle as part of the Exhibition Road Show festival.

The Guardian has published Message in a (Klein) Bottle, Russell Hoban's final short story.

What appears to be an unpublished short story by Russell Hoban is to be included as part of the Exhibition Road Show festival in London this summer.

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