80! - The Booklet of the Russell Hoban Some-Poasyum

Hoban 2005: The 80! booklet copyright & credits

Russell Hoban: 80! A Celebration

Editor Chris Bell

Designer Elisa Bowman

Publisher Cambridge Silent Artists with the support of Bloomsbury Publishing

Russell Hoban Convention Organising Committee (The Tentacle) Alida Allison (USA), Dave Awl (USA), Chris Bell (New Zealand), Eli Bishop (USA), Roland Clare (UK), Richard Cooper (UK), Emmae Gibson (UK), Olaf Schneider (Germany), Diana Slickman (USA), Yvonne Studer (Switzerland)

Pre-press consultation and PDF flight-checking Digital River, Auckland, New Zealand

Print Willsons Printers (Newark) Ltd, UK

Contributors Alida Allison, Dave Awl, Chris Bell, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Ruthie Bosch, Dr Hugh Bowden, Elisa Bowman, Joe Bowman, Melvyn Bragg, Dr Albert Bridge, Roland Clare, Richard Cooper, Andrew Davies, Anthony Davis, Lindsay Edmunds, Professor Denizen Groat, Tim Haillay, Brom Hoban, Russell Hoban, Glenda Jackson MP, Nicola Jennings, Theo Malekin, Mark Marcus, Duncan Minshull, David Mitchell, p.a. morbid, Braham Murray, Antti Savela, Olaf Schneider, Diana Slickman, Marion Stevenson, Yvonne Studer, Jonathan Wateridge, Linda Whitebread.

ISBN 0 907091 88 1

First published 2005

© 2005. Copyright rests, unless otherwise stated, with the contributors. The moral right of the authors has been asserted. All excerpts from the works of Russell Hoban are published by kind permission of the author and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Every effort has been made to trace contributors to ask them to notify us of any objections to posting their booklet content online. Please direct all enquiries here.

£6 where sold

Illustration: Joe Bowman


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