SA4QE 2013 - John - Melbourne, Australia

Once time passed after 4qating, I let a bit more pass, and a bit more, and here we are in May and I'm finally putting a little report together. It's getting colder and darker in this part of the world. The mysterious, exciting time of the year.

And I have to say this year is already on track to be the best of my life. Which means there have been times when Russ' absence has been so painfully intense and frustrating. Yet it is only because there has been so much presence that I can smile even at this.

Anyway, I chose this quote because at the time, when things were starting to go so well for me, I kept thinking of Russ and all he taught me. And both lines have recurring Russ themes - the second one always making me grin. I pasted it under a Richmond bridge: a strange, yellow-lit place with lots of train-rumbling that always makes me think I'm in a Hoban novel, about to meet some semi-dangerous weirdo with a blue guitar who'll show me a door under there I've never noticed....

    Dr Mzumi made another note in Klein’s folder. ‘A CT brain scan and a carotid angiogram might be a good idea. They’ll send you an appointment.’

      ‘Thank you. One day you’ll be old and pissing in two streams too. Sorry. Bye-bye.’

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