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The Rain Door (Children's book, 1986)

Harry hears the rag-and-bone man calling "Rainy numbers up! Any thunder up?" and goes through the rain door to a fantastical world where the weather is made to find an old iron tank used by the rag-and-bone man as a cloud catcher. To scare off the lion that is frightening the man's horse, Lightning, Harry begins to build a mechanical dinosaur. It takes lots of hard work and ingenuity on Harry's part before the rag-and-bone man is able to coax Lightning, who is pulling his junk wagon, to roar across the sky, bringing the relief of rain to the parched earth below.

Type of work: 
Children's book
Year of first publication: 
Original publisher: 
Harper & Row/Gollancz
Age range: 
Young children
Illustrations by: 
Quentin Blake

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