Hoban, theater, adaptations, and rights...

Greetings, comrades. I am a very-long-time reader and appreciator of Hoban but have not been particularly tapped into his extensive fan network—I've only just joined up here.

I'm a theater artist and am thinking about using some of Hoban's text in the...well, "ingredients list," I guess, for an upcoming devising project. I know that during his life, he adapted Riddley Walker for the stage, was supportive of theater, and wrote for performance. I have heard that he was very positive and responsive to requests about stage work, but in his absence I admit I'm not sure where to turn with this. I've also had no luck tracking down print/published versions of his stage texts. (When The Carrier Frequency was revived twenty years ago, I believe he personally provided resources to the company and they paid royalties directly to him.)

If I just needed permission to reprint, or perform straight, some excerpts, I'd start by looking for a subsidiary rights representative. This is a bit more nebulous, though, and I figured it couldn't hurt to reach out to this community, since Hoban himself was a participant in earlier days. If anyone here has a relevant contact I could ask about permissions (a literary rep, the estate, etc.) I'd very much appreciate it if you would share it with me. I assure you I intend only a respectful inquiry, and I won't abuse any access I'm granted. Please message me via the forum contact form; I'll be happy to answer questions, provide credentials, whatever is needed...just don't want to bog this down with details.

And even if none of you know a good avenue for queries—many thanks for keeping this little hub alive.


Thanks for your post and kind comments about the site/community. Russell Hoban's literary agent is Andrew Gordon at David Higham Associates - his details are at https://www.davidhigham.co.uk/agents-dh/andrew-gordon/

Let us know how your work goes.