The Noing Uv It exhibition: a talk from the curators

"The Noing Uv It", a multimedia art exhibition in Norway which draws inspiration from Russell Hoban's novel Riddley Walker, opened last week at the Bergen Kunsthall.

"The exhibition is really well attended," commented Solfrid Otterholm, Curatorial Assistant, "and we have had many positive responses from our audience."

Installation photos have been taken, and it is hoped we can post some of these on this site in the near future.

Last Saturday the Kunsthall director Martin Clark and artist Steven Claydon had a conversation with Graham Harman around the exhibition, described as "a giant roving concrete poem". The talk covers a range of topics including Heidegger, Greenberg, surrealism, quantum physics and "object-oriented ontology" and is available to watch on Vimeo, below.

Platform presents: The Noing Uv It from Bergen Kunsthall on Vimeo.

"Last night Timothy Morton had a really nice talk as well," commented Solfrid, "and we'll publish the recordings in a week or so."

More details about the exhibition will be posted here as and when it arises. The Noing Uv It takes place until 15th February, with The Showing Uv It exhibiting from 27th February to 5th April.

Edit 20th January: An article by Johnny Herbert was posted on the Kunstforum website on 19th January discussing the exhibits and themes from the show and addressing some of the topics from the conversation: This post also contains some photos from the exhibition.

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The Noing Uv It at Bergen Kunsthall (page in English)

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