Trouble Puppet's "Riddley Walker" show nominated for eight B. Iden Payne Awards

Trouble Puppet Theatre Company's recent production of Riddley Walker has been nominated for eight B. Iden Payne Awards, the most prestigious awards in the Austin, Texas theatre community.

"It's astonishing," said Kathryn Rogers, Producing Partner at Trouble Puppet Theatre Co. "We've never had a show garner so many nominations before."

The nominations are:

Outstanding Production: Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theatre Company)
Outstanding Direction: Connor Hopkins and Jeanine Lisa (Riddley Walker)

Outstanding Light Design: Megan Reilly (Riddley Walker)
Outstanding Sound Design: Kingsley Eliot Haynes (Riddley Walker)
Outstanding Media Design: Chris Owen and K. Eliot Haynes (Riddley Walker)
Outstanding Original Score: Justin Sherburn (Riddley Walker)
Outstanding Puppetry: Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theater Company)

Outstanding Cast Performance: Riddley Walker (Trouble Puppet Theater Company)

An amazing 28-minute video about the company and its production can be seen here:

Kathryn comments: "In the video, you can also see the gallery installation I created for the Riddley Walker show during some of the interviews with Connor Hopkins ("stained glass painting," scrolls of the Eusa story)."

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