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James Carter

Exclusive! Poet and writer James Carter shares a wonderful interview with Russell Hoban from 1995, about films, musical and literary influences, The Mouse and His Child, Turtle Diary, his early career as an illustrator, creativity tips and more.

Publisher Valancourt has issued new editions of Kleinzeit, Pilgermann and The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz.

Between September 2002 and March 2005, Russell Hoban contributed to his own discussion forum, The Kraken. In the first of a 2-part feature, Richard Cooper looks back over a selection of his posts.

Steven Claydon, Martin Clark and Graham Harman

Curators of "The Noing Uv It" exhibition partly inspired by Riddley Walker discuss the philosophical and artistic themes behind the show.

Norway museum to exhibit "The Noing Uv It" inspired by Russell Hoban's novel, featuring work by over 30 international artists

Rosie's Magic Horse on stage

Photoset from the new stage adaptation of Russell Hoban's final children's book

Rosie's Magic Horse

A stage production of Rosie's Magic Horse, based on the young children's book by Russell Hoban, is running in London from 3rd to 20th December.

Walker Books have announced the release of two more classic collaborations for publication in 2014 and 2015.

Walker Picture Books have issued new editions of two children's books by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake.

Yellow paper with lion, Cape Town 2003, by Lara Hoffenberg

Russell Hoban fans around the world are preparing to celebrate the late writer's words on 4th February with the traditional "SA4QE".