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The Slickman A4 Quotation Event has taken place every 4th February since 2002, in commemoration of Russell Hoban's birth in 1925. Each year on the day, readers from around the world share their favourite quotations from his books by leaving them in public places, invariably written on yellow A4 paper (the sort he used). Fans also post photos of their quotations on this site, and these are gathered under Which quotes did you share this year? (Photo quoting Pilgermann by Sandra, 2017)

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"Here's to you Cyd. We'll stay danced with."


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The Atlantic monthly magazine from August 1976 reviews Turtle Diary (1975) in the context of Russell Hoban's then higher profile as a writer of books for children, paying particular attention to Charlie the Tramp and Bread and Jam for Frances. Thanks to Janis Winn for the scan.
Fan site documenting quotations from Russell Hoban books left in public places to celebrate the author's birthday every 4th February since 2002. (Since 2013's event the quotations have been recorded on
Russell Hoban talks to the Guardian's James Hopkin about his move to London, his eccentric work-room and various novels including The Medusa Frequency.
Brief news story on BBC website.
Ghislaine Kenyon, Head of Learning at Somerset House, writes on her experience of Russell Hoban as a lecturer on art.
Guardian article from 7 October 2016 reviewing "one of Russell Hoban's most beloved books" whose new edition just released by The New York Review Children's Collection "may revive Hoban's reputation". Quotes Alida Allison (former professor of children's...
30-minute BBC documentary from 2006 on the Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs at London's British Museum. Russell Hoban makes a brief appearance at around 1:48; his novel The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz was inspired by the reliefs.
Jim Poyser's short but profound 1998 interview with Russell Hoban on the subject of strangeness, on the occasion of the issue of the Expanded Edition of Riddley Walker. Also contains a review of the latter. Originally published in The Bloomington Voice and NUVO Newsweekly. Selected by Poyser...
To celebrate its 21st anniversary in 1992, the British publisher Picador invited 21 of its best authors to write about one of the years from 1972 to 1992, from their own perspective. Each piece was written especially for the collection, which includes essays by, among others, Tariq Ali, Julian...
Philip S Turner remembers Russell Hoban following his death in 2011, and reflects on Turtle Diary, Turner's personal favourite.