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Charlie Meadows

Charlie Meadows (Children's book, 1984)

Charlie Meadows loves moonlight. He dances with his shadow on the frozen pond before he delivers the news and weather to the other meadow mice. But under the full moon, Charlie is an easy target for Ephraim Owl, who swoops down on him with empty claws.

Big John Turkle (Children's book, 1983)

Big John Turkle is sleepy. Winter is coming, he hardly has the energy to hunt for food. But he still manages to steal an 'object of art' from his rival Glover Crow, and goes to bed feeling immensely satisfied.

Jim Frog (Children's book, 1983)

Jim Frog is feeling sad, he has lost his hop, he won't croak 'jug-of-rum', he can't be bothered with catching dragonflies. But the amazing feats of the other pond animals restore Jim's spirits and he laughs and hops all the way home.

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