List of works by Russell Hoban

This page lists all known Russell Hoban books and other works (collectively referred to as "titles"). The titles that have a full information page with a synopsis, jacket image and publication details are linked accordingly; titles that are not linked require information to be added. If you can help provide information on unlinked titles please see this page for more details.


The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (Jonathan Cape, 1973)
Kleinzeit (Jonathan Cape, 1974)
Turtle Diary (Jonathan Cape, 1975)
Riddley Walker (Jonathan Cape, 1980)
Pilgermann (Jonathan Cape, 1983)
The Medusa Frequency (Jonathan Cape, 1987)
Fremder (Jonathan Cape, 1996)
Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer (Jonathan Cape, 1998)
Angelica's Grotto (Bloomsbury, 1999)
Amaryllis Night and Day (Bloomsbury, 2001)
The Bat Tattoo (Bloomsbury, 2002)
Her Name Was Lola (Bloomsbury, 2003)
Come Dance With Me (Bloomsbury, 2005)
Linger Awhile (Bloomsbury, 2006)
My Tango with Barbara Strozzi (Bloomsbury, 2007)
Angelica Lost and Found (Bloomsbury, 2010)

Children's books

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Young adult books

The Mouse and His Child (Harper & Row, 1967)

The Trokeville Way (Jonathan Cape, 1996)

Soonchild (Walker Books, 2012)


Uncollected short stories

Message in a Klein Bottle (2012)

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Uncollected non-fiction, essays and sketches

One Less Octopus at Paxos (Granta 10, Winter 1983) 

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The Moment under The Moment (Jonathan Cape, 1992) - comprises:

Short stories:
The Man with the Dagger
My Night with Léonie
The Raven
The Colour of Love
Dream Woman
Dark Oliver
The Ghost Horse of Genghis Khan
Some Episodes in the History of Miranda and Caliban - an entertainment in two acts with music by Helen Roe

Non-fiction, essays and sketches:
Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (1976, an introduction to the 1977 Picador Edition)
Footplacers, London Transport Owls, Wincer-Boise
Mnemosyne, Teen Taals, and Tottenham Court Road (1982)
Fragments of a Lament for Thelonious Monk
Pan Lives
'I, that was a child, my tongue's use sleeping...'
Certain Obsessions, Certain Ideas (1985-6)
The Bear in Max Ernst's Bedroom or The Magic Wallet
Blighter's Rock
Masada One Morning
With a Choked Cry
Word Pix (1991)

A Russell Hoban Omnibus (Indiana University Press, 1999) - comprises:

The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz

Turtle Diary
Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer

Short stories:
The Man with the Dagger

My Night with Léonie
The Raven
Dream Woman
Dark Oliver
The Ghost Horse of Genghis Khan

"I, that was a child, my tongue's use sleeping"

With a Choked Cry

03:00 Abroad

Crystal Maze
The Owl-Woman
Turtle Prince?
Fred to Samantha
Dragon into Dressing Gown
The Hippogriff
What the Fairy Said to the Bibliophile
The Dragon underneath the Mat

Children's writing:
The Marzipan Pig

Manny Rat: A Fragment (from the unfinished novel The Return of Manny Rat, a sequel to The Mouse and his Child).



The Pedalling Man (1968):

To Walter de la Mare, 1873-1956
What the Wind Said
The Crow
The Sparrow Hawk
Skilly Oogan
One Star Less
September Passing
The Pedalling Man
Small, Smaller
Goodbye to Winter
Evening of the First of May
The Smell of Old Fire
Summer Recorded
Fast Freight
The Empty House
London City
Esmé on Her Brother's Bicycle
Laura Round and Round
Katya Plays Haydn
The Tin Frog
Original Tin
Solu the Barber
Isleford Shore
Old Man Ocean
Maine Sea Gulls
The Sea Gull's Eye
Not a Big Job
Tea Party
The Friendly Cinnamon Bun
Home From the Carnival
The Sandpiper in the Shopping Centre Parking Lot
School Buses
Boy with a Hammer
Winter Ducks
Three Ragged Boys
His Majesty
Hound and Hunter

The above list includes 13 poems not originally included in the 1968 edition, added in the 1989 edition.

The Last of the Wallendas (Hodder Children's Books, 1997):

The Plughole Dragon
03.00 Abroad
Crystal Maze
Three Ducklings Crossing A Footpath
Three Ducklings Swimming
The Story Tree
The Owl-Woman
Pigeon on the Circle Line
Not My Day
Room 18, National Gallery
Lion Bells
The Dream of the Kraken
Who Did Then?
Ice Bears
The Last of the Wallendas
Foggy Morning
Turtle Prince?
Long-Gone Pearl
Alison Vickers
Big Stone Women of Vienna
Long Green Dream
The Raiders
Long, Lone
What the Crow Knows
Rodney's All Right Now
The Dragon Klong
The Green Bronze Lady by the Albert Bridge
Thames Full Moon
TV Horror
Chopin - Mazurka in A Minor, Opus 67, No. 4
The Ghost Horse of Chingis Khan
Fred to Samantha
Miss Presser in Sloane Square
Circles of Storks
At Dimla
Dragon Into Dressing Gown
It's Always Kee-Wick
The Hippogriff
Sheepy-Time Goats
Rivers In Your Mind
What the Fairy Said to the Bibliophile
The Dragon Underneath the Mat
The Fighting Temeraire
Statuesque Modesty
The District Line at Notting Hill Gate
The Rendezvous at Zarmni
My Last Dragon



The Second Mrs Kong (1994)

See also Some Episodes in the History of Miranda and Caliban from The Moment under The Moment, above



The Carrier Frequency

Riddley Walker



Deadsy and Door - two surreal animated shorts written and narrated by Russell Hoban, directed by David Anderson (1989/1990)



Manfred Mann, Wherever Love Drops - Wikipedia



Perfect and Endless Circles (short story with music arranged by Anthony Rooley, first broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 23 September 1995, according to this site)

Situation 37 (short story first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 22 November 2004)

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