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Turtle Diary

SA4QE 2022 - Yvonne Studer - Zürich, Switzerland

This year, Russ would have turned 97 already. Hard to believe it‘s been 17 years since a group of fans met in London to celebrate our favourite writer‘s 80th birthday. The tradition of spreading quotations from his work on his birthday started earlier than, and went on regularly after, our „Somepoasyum“, and I have been doing my best to take part almost every year. However, this year I did not just want to hang up quotations printed on yellow A4 paper but decided to place spare copies of Turtle Diary in our school library and on a community bookcase in our neighbourhood.

Russell Hoban, Kleinzeit (cover of new Penguin Modern Classics edition by Eduardo Paolozzi)

Eight classic Russell Hoban novels are being published in the Penguin Classics imprint this spring, including Riddley Walker, Kleinzeit and Turtle Diary.

SA4QE 2017 - Diana Slickman - Chicago Illinois, United States

Happy Hoban Day to all!
My usual 4QAtion practice is to select quotes more or less at random. This year being how this year is, I had a couple of quotes in mind that I specifically wanted to drop and in the course of looking those up, a quote that wanted to be part of the event made itself known to me, so I took it along.


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