SA4QE 2016 - Katy - Colchester, United Kingdom

As in previous years, I chose three short quotes. My first comes from The Moment Under The Moment and was tacked onto the little jetty on my local river. This passage leaped off the page at me, as if it’d always been waiting for me to find it. I wanted to put it out in the world, so others could find it too - a shot of Hoban as they ambled onto the jetty. I also placed tiny versions of this quote in the local shop, mostly hidden behind packets of food so people would find them as they shopped; one ended up perched on top of a bumper packet of Wagonwheels (see photo).

But the reality of it is that all of us are more than a little crazy and there is a craziness in the human situation. The ancient Greeks put a name to that craziness, they called it Dionysus, and having given it a name they could take it into account….What I’m saying is that it’s a strange and frightening thing to be a human being, to partake of the mystery and madness of human consciousness

Always in November there comes such a night, blue-black and shining and wild with rain and wind and brown leaves blowing. In the morning suddenly the plane trees on the far side of the common are bare winter trees.

My second quote, sellotaped to a bench overlooking the river, relates to a Hoban moment I had with my boyfriend Rik, a fellow fan. One wet November evening we went to a park near his flat. It was a blustery night, the beeches, oaks and horse chestnuts were being battered by wind and rain. The next morning, when we returned, the trees were suddenly all bare. We realised this was a moment straight out of The Medusa Frequency.

Ah! said the walls, listening to the footfalls, it’s the silence that we like, the lovely shape of the silence between the shape of the footfalls.

The third quote was chosen at random from Kleinzeit. I put it on the village’s notice board under Rik's chosen quote - we did the event together again, which was nice. It is a quiet spot, the only disturbance being the occasional passing car, so Hoban's words seemed apt.

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