SA4QE 2014 - Nick Campbell - London, United Kingdom

I really wanted to do SA4QE properly this year. I've read about others doing it for years, and the best I managed was normally a bit of loose-leaf paper in Borders (that shows you how long ago that was) or a post on Facebook (pitiful). This year I was planning on dropping a couple of words (which sounds pleasingly like a metaphor for taking mind-altering drugs), but I had the idea of making bookmarks. I liked the thought that they were less likely to be thrown away, more likely to hang about. I like bookmarks. I cut up a yellow folder from Rymans and doodled on five of them, with three-ish different quotations. 

'We make fiction because we are fiction ... It lived us into being and it lives us still.'

I left one in a cafe in the BBC's Broadcasting House - something about news stories, transmission and the Shipping Forecast seeming to chime with Hoban's work. I left one in a copy of Kleinzeit in Foyles, one in the H's in Any Amount of Books, one peeking from between two Amaryllis Lost and Found's in Dulwich Library. But I am proudest of the words from The Medusa Frequency I left travelling up and down the Victoria line: the Underground being a strong motif in Hoban's work. At last I feel I properly participated! But isn't it strange to know whether anyone found one or not...?

Webmaster's note: follow the link below to Nick's own blog to see a full write-up, more photos and more quotations.

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