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The Marzipan Pig (Children's book, 1986)

No one realizes that the poor marzipan pig has fallen behind the sofa. No one hears his lonely cries for help. His sweetness grows bitter over the months that go by until a mouse discovers him and gobbles him up.

But the mouse pays a price for her greed. A desperate feeling of loneliness and yearning for love passes into her from the marzipan pig, who has triggered off a startling chain of events featuring an owl, a hibiscus and a mouse dressed in a pink frock!

Type of work: 
Children's book
Year of first publication: 
Original publisher: 
Jonathan Cape
Age range: 
Older children
Illustrations by: 
Quentin Blake
The story has been adapted in an animated version, produced and directed by Michael Sporn.The adaptation was animated by Tissa David and narrated by Tim Curry. It was aired on HBO as part of its Storybook Musicals series. SDSU professor of Children's Literature Alida Allison comments, "the story is set in Hoban's house and based on the traditional marzipans his German wife's family sent their children. Likely one son lost his pig in the house and thus the story began."

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