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The Marzipan Pig

2016 sees the 30th anniversary of Russell Hoban's children's story The Marzipan Pig, and with it this October comes a new edition in the New York Review Children's Collection imprint.

James Carter

Exclusive! Poet and writer James Carter shares a wonderful interview with Russell Hoban from 1995, about films, musical and literary influences, The Mouse and His Child, Turtle Diary, his early career as an illustrator, creativity tips and more.

The Marzipan Pig (Children's book, 1986)

No one realizes that the poor marzipan pig has fallen behind the sofa. No one hears his lonely cries for help. His sweetness grows bitter over the months that go by until a mouse discovers him and gobbles him up.

But the mouse pays a price for her greed. A desperate feeling of loneliness and yearning for love passes into her from the marzipan pig, who has triggered off a startling chain of events featuring an owl, a hibiscus and a mouse dressed in a pink frock!

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