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Riddley Walker

The Bristol Old Vic is staging a version of the Shakespeare classic with elements inspired by Russell Hoban's 1980 novel.

Riddley Walker (Play, 1986)

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From Wikipedia: "A theatrical adaptation of Riddley Walker (by Hoban himself) premiered at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, in February–March 1986, directed by Braham Murray. Its US premiere was at the Chocolate Bayou Theatre, in April 1987, directed by Greg Roach".

Riddley Walker - Gollancz edition (detail)

Gollancz have published Russell Hoban's 1980 classic Riddley Walker as a title in their SF Masterworks series.

Trouble Puppet Theatre's production of Riddley Walker took home three awards at the B. Iden Payne ceremony on 29 October.

Author Anna Lawrence Pietroni explores "Riddleyspeak", which is at once familiar and strange: we have to slow our reading right down if we are to give ourselves any chance of understanding it in full. Riddley is ‘walking his riddels’ on paper and we have to read at a similarly steady pace, stopping from time to time to pick up a stone on the road or taking a moment to catch our breath.


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