New edition of Riddley Walker published by Gollancz

Gollancz have published Russell Hoban's 1980 classic Riddley Walker as a title in their SF Masterworks series.

The edition, with an official publication date of 8 November 2012, includes Hoban's Afterword, Notes and Glossary, although not apparently his map of "Inland".

There is an introduction by Adam Roberts, and a second afterword by Cloud Atlas novelist David Mitchell, who has named Hoban and Riddley Walker as influences in various articles, including this essay originally written for the 2005 Russell Hoban Some-Poasyum (convention).

Marcus Gipps said recently on the Gollancz blog: "My small involvement [in adding the title to SF Masterworks] will count as one of the highlights of my publishing career. Because, quite simply, I believe that Riddley Walker  is one of the most powerful, affecting, clever and remarkable books ever published. It isn’t out of print, or languishing forgotten, but it’s a hugely important addition to the Masterworks series."

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