Riddley Walker walking tours of Canterbury in November

The Being Human Festival, a festival of humanities, is running a free Riddley Walker-themed walking tour of Canterbury on three dates in November.

O what we ben! Discovering post-apocalyptic landscapes takes place in the afternoon on 17th, 24th and 25th November at Canterbury Christ Church.

"On this interactive walking tour you will uncover the hidden post-apocalyptic landscapes of Canterbury through the narratives of Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker, set in a Kent of the future following nuclear devastation, and the Anglo-Saxon Andreas, set in the ruins of a city peopled by devil-worshipping cannibals," reads the website.

"Over a thousand years separates the writing of these works of literature, but together they have much to tell us about the enduring power of ruinous urban landscapes on the popular imagination.

"This walking tour drawing on archaeology, history and literature will be preceded by two short talks by Dr Mike Bintley and Sonia Overall, who will introduce you to these works and to the project.

"This event is taking place in the Newton building, ground floor, room 7 (Ng07) at Canterbury Christ Church."

For event information, see the web page or contact Michael Bintley at michael.bintley@canterbury.ac.uk

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