More new editions of Russell Hoban / Quentin Blake titles in pipeline

Walker Books have announced the release of new editions of two more classic collaborations between Russell Hoban and Sir Quentin Blake.

The Twenty-Elephant Restaurant (originally published in 1977) is scheduled for release in November 2014, while Ace Dragon Ltd (1980) is due in June 2015.

This follows on from the new editions of Monsters and How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen last November, and A Near Thing for Captain Najork and The Rain Door earlier this month.

Writing on the Picture Book Party blog on 17th April, Walker picture book editor Maria Tunney remarks, "When you think of some of the most uniquely individual picture book makers of a generation, Russell Hoban certainly falls into that category – he’s a very rare kind of singular genius. And Quentin Blake? Is there an illustrator more revered by his peers?

"Hoban truly lived through his work – his words are life IN art – and he makes you feel, as a reader and as a creative, that there are unlimited imaginative possibilities."

Fellow Walker author Timothy Knapman is also quoted: “Picture books are about the ideal pairing of word and image.  I love the way the comic exuberance of Quentin Blake’s illustrations so perfectly matches the unfettered invention of Russell Hoban’s stories."

Read Maria Tunney's lovely blog post here.