New Russell Hoban children's book Rosie's Magic Horse out now

Russell Hoban's young children's book Rosie's Magic Horse has been published posthumously by Walker Books.

The delightful large-format hardback has wonderful watercolour illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Set - appropriately for its release date - during autumn, the book tells the story of Rosie, a small girl whose parents are struggling to pay the bills. Rosie has a collection of wooden ice-lolly sticks, and in true Hoban fashion, the sticks dream of being a horse. The sticks have their wish and become a horse called Stickerino, who takes Rosie on an adventure where she looks for treasure to help her parents.

Sample from inside the book

Rosie's Magic Horse is currently available at a reduced price on Amazon as well as elsewhere around the web and in shops.

For more information and links see our Rosie's Magic Horse page.

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New Russell Hoban children's book due out in October

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