Carrier Frequency revivalists Stan's Cafe appearing at the Remake Symposium

James Yarker of Stan's Cafe will be appearing at Bristol's Arnolfini Auditorium on Saturday 15 September as one of the speakers at the Remake Symposium, in which he is expected to reflect on the company's 1999 revival of Russell Hoban's 1984 play The Carrier Frequency.

The Carrier Frequency was a collaboration between Hoban and the Leeds-based Impact Theatre Co-operative. In 1999, Stan’s Cafe remade the play, working from grainy archival video.

The Performing Documents blog post about Yarker comments: "More than ten years on, the topic of remaking performance is on everybody’s mind and lips and performance remakes are staged in museums and galleries and symposia. In this context, Stan’s Cafe’s Carrier Frequency takes on its own status as an original – an original remake."

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